Rosa Parks: Montgomery Bus Boycott
                                                                      Background Information:

     The society in 1955 had a lot of racism, meaning African - Americans were being discouraged and treated unfairly by being deprived from the benefits that the white people had such as better education, housing, jobs, as well as resources and transportation. There was also segregation in schools because there were only schools for either blacks or whites, but never both. 

    On December 1st, 1955 there was a 42 year old black woman named Rosa Parks. She played a very important role in the Montgomery Bus Boycott because of her brave act of protest. Rosa Parks started the boycott by refusing to give up her seat to a white passenger because she was tired of being mistreated and discouraged by white people. Therefore, her actions triggered a wave of protest that lead to the Montgomery Bus Boycott. In an interview with Rosa Parks, she specifically said "I do not think it is fair about the way black people are being treated" and because she felt this way, when she was told to get up from her seat she said "No, I hve every right to stay where I am." I have every right to stay where I am."